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What’s In Store for Seniors


timthumbIf you’re like me, you’re sick to death of the posturing and rhetoric of our political parties…in fact, you’ve felt dismayed, disgusted, frustrated, maybe even, fearful. I have certainly felt every one of those things along with helplessness. Republican rhetoric, stubborn beliefs, true and false accusations from both parties and opinions from self-appointed “experts” have left me to wonder what purpose is really being served.

Why is it that deficit spending (ALWAYS the big culprit) is given a new definition, depending on which party is in power, and Social Security and Medicare Benefits are attacked? It seems talking out of both sides of the mouth is common? For example, “entitlement” Is, Ironically a bad word when used to characterize Social Security, Medicare and unemployment benefits. Never mind that most of us have paid into Social Security for all of our working lives and that employers have paid for unemployment benefits, are taxed on these “entitlements.” And need I point out that recipients are taxed on these benefits that we have paid for.

So what about the pensions of lawmakers and politicians for which TAXPAYERS are charged? These and their many tax breaks are also “entitlements”. Yet they’ve not come under scrutiny and so far there is no evidence that any of them would give up these benefits…yet this is glossed over.

Robbing senior citizens of income they depend on could result in a sad and steadily increasing population of homeless senior citizens. Seniors are also the least likely to be employed population. And because we are growing in numbers there are quick accusations of how seniors will rob future generations of their “entitlements.” No matter what seniors do, we seem to bear the brunt of the ills of the country. It’s ludicrous!

It would be nothing short of miraculous if our political “leaders” actually spent more time doing something that would+ truly benefit our citizens. And miracle of miracles, what would happen if the person we citizens have chosen to be our President was actually supported rather than being fought at every turn? Obviously, the people wanted change yet we’re back to fighting every change proposed, mainly for political gain.

So what’s up with that? And better question still; what can we do about it? Sophomoric though it may seem, I say we need to pay attention to what our elected officials say and do…then let go of preconceived political beliefs, and ask ourselves:
•“How does this really benefit our country?”
•“How does it benefit my family, my community, our children’s education and everyone else, including seniors?”
•“Am I following political rhetoric or beliefs I picked up from parents, religious gurus, and other people who hold themselves as authorities, or is this truly what is in my own heart?”

I’m certainly not an expert on politics and I don’t even like writing about politics but the events of the first four years of the Obama presidency and those since his re-election, have left me questioning my belief in this country. I painfully participate in the struggles my mother is experiencing at 89 when she should be without anxiety– able to enjoy her final chapter and I am truly frightened about what’s in store for me.