Why The Willow Weeps


Weeping Willow

I know now why you seem to bow,

What causes you to bend

Your regal brow in abject pose

Safe from the zephyr’s wind .

I know now why you try to keep the sun

From shining on your face:

And why you kiss the verdant green

In solitary grace:

Unlike the evergreen and elm,

Birch, cedar and the rest

Who rise to reach toward heaven’s gate

To hold it to their breasts;

They stand together in their fold

And revel in the light;

You hide in shame beneath your mane

And dance alone at night

You weep because your brethren seem

To have the clearer view

Yet fail to note the wondrous scene

That dwells inside of you.


About Renee Prejean-Motanky

RPM Marketing views the flip side of today's market challenges and sees an opportunity for businesses to realize a return on communications... an opportunity to articulate a brand position... an opportunity to increase sales and/or readership... Or an opportunity to build awareness and capture market share. We help businesses captialize on these opportunities by developing and delivering exceptional communications initiatives.

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