I Am Missing You

Photo by Aphrodite/Flikr

Photo by Aphrodite/Flikr

My “I” stands lonely

like an isolated tree in a swamp.

This landscape is denuded.

Okay, I am lying about that!

It is spring.

The lilacs are blooming.

Along with tulips, forsythia

and nisaburo ito.

Through cracks in the sidewalks of sterility,

Dandelions and daisies emerge –

A full company is here.

All of them stand like a church

Without its steeple.


You are my people.


About Renee Prejean-Motanky

RPM Marketing views the flip side of today's market challenges and sees an opportunity for businesses to realize a return on communications... an opportunity to articulate a brand position... an opportunity to increase sales and/or readership... Or an opportunity to build awareness and capture market share. We help businesses captialize on these opportunities by developing and delivering exceptional communications initiatives.

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