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I Write Because I Must

Taken In Amalfi, Italy

Writing Bears Witness by RPM

Writing bears witness…What writing brings to my life is clarity and tenderness…it gives me a place to pour out my emotions… to say, I really miss my dad or my mom or my dog….it keeps me sane.

One of the reasons that I must write is that, in a thousand little ways, writing keeps me from abandoning myself.  I often feel that my writing is like a cherished best friend who cherishes me and has only my best interests at heart.  I usually write when I have something that I need to figure out or sort through.

Writing can be naughty – an act of self-possession.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Writing is about energy, about perfect imperfection, about humanity.

Yes, I write because I must!


I Am Missing You

Photo by Aphrodite/Flikr

Photo by Aphrodite/Flikr

My “I” stands lonely

like an isolated tree in a swamp.

This landscape is denuded.

Okay, I am lying about that!

It is spring.

The lilacs are blooming.

Along with tulips, forsythia

and nisaburo ito.

Through cracks in the sidewalks of sterility,

Dandelions and daisies emerge –

A full company is here.

All of them stand like a church

Without its steeple.


You are my people.



letters_mailJuly, 2011

Now I get it!  It’s sad that when it comes to passion, hysteria (evoked by true passion) has gone out of style.   The world has become superficial.  There are no more “masters.”  Your work has an ability to grab folks where they live and “shake” them.  It’s edgy and it’s in-your-face.  Most people can’t deal.  It either brings out their worst traits (greed, avarice, envy…) or makes them feel as though someone/thing has been thrown into them, crawled through their psyche and swum through their soul…either way, your “derangement” is totally wasted –ends up bringing you grief, misery or abject “pissed-off-itude” until you find a way back to “sanity” by telling them to fuck-off and the project becomes a way to keep the creative genius alive…to verify he exists… to feed the spirit…and it gets better (I did see the difference between earlier and later episodes.)

What you also need (well, what I need)…what I’ve always needed…is to find a soul somewhere with whom to share something in common.  I’m beginning to fear that I’ll be forced to live out my life alone…in a dreamlike state, yearning for more than is really there.  I can’t allow myself to believe that’s true yet.


Sanity, while over-rated, I suppose, does have its own rewards.  With a little serenity (as I prefer to call it,) you can take on a new client or task and remain in control.  When that becomes burdensome, you can always lose your mind for a second or two.  I do it all of the time (that is one of my stabilizers!)  When you get back, rest assured, the ingrates are waiting because while you’ve been gone and they’ve had to do it on their own they’ve discovered, if they have a keen business sense, where their talents really lie.

Unfortunately, a keen business sense seems to go hand-in-hand with having a knack for discovering a weakness in others and preying on it for personal gain.


you recognize that trait in them and are beyond their control.  So, they can’t get to you now (well, maybe a little, but only in the weaker moments) or cause you any lasting damage.  You just might find a way to turn the tables on them.  True talent MUST prevail.

And you have true talent, Harry.  –r Read the rest of this entry