Haiti…A Travesty That Defies Adequate Words…

Map of Haiti with Port-au-Prince shown
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I’ll keep this brief… I don’t know that it’s possible to be unaware, but just in case some of you are — Haiti‘s capital city, Port Au Prince, disappeared today.  Yes, it’s gone due to the ravages of an earthquake measuring seven or more on the richtor scale.  This is a disaster of mammoth proportions and as members of the human family, I hope that all who read will feel compelled to help.

These people  are without Hospitals, power, water, food, housing… the list goes on. Untold numbers are dead or missing and unaccounted for.  Children have been separated from their parents…

There are many ways to assist.  I’ve listed a few of the easiest below:

  1. Text 90999 (the Red Cross) on your cell and enter “Haiti” – a donation of $10.00 will go the relief effort.
  2. Text 501501 (Wyclef‘s Jean Wyclef’s Yele Foundation) on your cell – a donation of $5.00 will go to the relief effort
  3. Visit:  http://www.theboombox.com/2010/01/12/wyclef-jean-asks-for-in-haiti-after-nation-is-rocked-by-maj/

 These are very real, easily accessible ways to lend immediate assistance.

Please help.

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