By Helen L. Burleson, Doctor of Public Administration

For those who have not read Moby Dick by Herman Melville, you may not have heard the expression, …”man’s inhumanity to man….”

It is not difficult to understand the concept especially when you see it in action and implemented by those cold, callous, indifferent, indecent, insensitive egomaniacs in Congress whose main goal in life is to feather their own caps, regardless of the consequences.  Those in Congress who are pawns of and are owned by corporations and further all the causes of those corporations in order to share in the undeserved, obscene profits of those corporations, do not deserve to be called men or women.  They are beasts of prey!  They are predators and parasites who feed on the flesh of the innocent and unsuspecting.  They are now engaged in a feeding frenzy to see which one of them can do the best job of protecting the interests of the masters they serve: the financial industry, the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the military industrial complex.

 No decent person with any degree of humaneness would do all he or she can do to obstruct the right of the American citizenry to have access to quality, affordable health care with the ability to select and choose the health care program that best meets the needs of that individual and the family of that individual.  How can those vultures listen to the plight of people who have been victimized by the health care industry and not feel compassion?  It seems that the blood in their veins coagulates which prevents blood from flowing to their brains in the normal fashion.  How else can one explain that they would rather share in the illicit bounty of these corporations than to do what they were sent to Congress to do – to represent the voters who put them in office?

 Now in this land of plenty, medical personnel find the necessity to establish free clinics and offer volunteer services to compensate for the failure of Congress to provide for the American citizen what they in Congress have for themselves.  This does not even cause them to blush.  We don’t expect them to feel any shame because they have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have no compassion or empathy.  Where are their parents?  Where are their spouses or significant others or their children to help them to see the crying need in America for affordable health care?  Have these culprits desensitized their families, too?

 It is surreal to see them standing before microphones pontificating illogical rationale for why they don’t support quality, affordable health care for all American citizens.  They hypocritically complain about the costs to provide good health and longevity for American citizens while finding no problem with the enormous costs of killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan, many of those fatalities being our American youth.  They would rather pay for bombs than for prescriptions that help to keep people alive here in America.

 All decent Americans should be outraged and should call these demons out and vote them out of office, never to be a scourge on our society again.

 Both Robert Burns, the Scottish poet and Herman Melville, an American author, talk about man’s inhumanity to man.  I would advise the obstructionists in Congress to read the literature of these two very sage men.

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