Unfortunately, when one is a public figure, one’s actions are scrutinized by the public.  When the rest of us screw up, our publics learn about it and react.  In Tiger’s personal circle, it has always been common knowledge that he was a “hound.”  The light only shone publicly in the way that it has because  of the choices that he made: One; he was indiscreet and Two; his wife, whom I don’t know, but I’m sure, feels  greatly disrespected ,as any woman would with that kind of impropriety being shoved in her face;  unlike Hillary Clinton and a host of other  public wives who’ve “stood by their men” in the face of sexual impropriety,  when she was pissed off, due most likely to her own lack of maturity, clocked him with a golf club… we and the rest of the world now know several colorful versions of the story (I admit that I howled when I heard Wanda Sykes version, now on YouTube & even shared it with some.  I was surprised by how many brothers and sisters I know who said they could completely identify with that one!) – But this thing has progressed beyond innuendo and the mere casting of aspersions… there are recorded conversations, text messages, photographs… and unending speculation as skanks continue to crawl out of the woodwork.

No, it is not up to the public to pass judgment.  Only God can do that. None of us are perfect and yes, far too many of us, as voyeurs, cleave voraciously to every morsel that is unveiled in the misfortunes of others while basking in apathy over matters of real importance.  All of us, however, must pay the piper.

David Letterman owned his indiscretions — admitted he was wrong and, most importantly, he APOLOGIZED publicly…that ENDED the speculation by the media and the public –perhaps even earned him a bit sympathy.  Joking is what Letterman does, so he continues to do so even making himself the brunt of his own jokes. And other public figures who’ve navigated “difficult” episodes have publicly acknowledged and apologized for their “mistakes.”  That is what Tiger must do too.  And until he does, the public and media, alike, will continue to speculate.  Like it or not, he, as a public figure, is accountable to his public! 

As for how he and his wife are able to move forward or not… well, that’s a completely private matter to which no one else should be privy.

I find it interesting that, though Tiger has done everything that he can to distance himself from his blackness, including  say he is “Amer-Asian” not “Afro-American,” it is the Black community that rallies to defend and protect him from the fall-out of his own poor choices.  His carefully cultivated reputation of that squeaky clean boy next door is what he has lost along with any product endorsements that capitalized on that reputation.  And that is a cost to be paid.  This doesn’t discredit any adversity that he has overcome, nor does it dispute his athletic prowess.

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